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In Casa Rural Claudio...

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... Enjoy an exceptional accommodations ...

... In which live pleasant moments ...

... With all amenities ...

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... In direct contact with the nature.

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Casa Rural Claudio

Casa Rural Claudio is located  in the neighborhood of La Sabina in the village of Mazo, strategically located a few minutes of it and Santa Cruz de la Palma, in  a short distance from one of the most important tourist attractions of the island: Fuencaliente Volcanic Zone, which includes the volcanoes of San Antonio and Teneguía among others. In addition, the Palma airport is located just fifteen minutes.
Casa Rural Claudio is located in an property of approximately 6300 meters square and offers complete peace and tranquility to be insulated from noise and immersed in nature from the area. The house responds to an architectural style typical of the early twentieth century, with an area of 100 square meters on two floors. It has a bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom and a gallery-corridor that connects it with the outside.

The situation of the house ideal for biking, mountaineering, hiking and all of nature-related activities.

La Palma

Green, blue, yellow, ochre and black ... such is the brilliant array of colours which greets visitors to La Palma, the most northwesterly of the Canary Islands in the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Variously referred to as the green island, the beautiful island, or the island of stars, the extraordinary natural beauty of La Palma enchants those willing to discover, on the eastern side, the green and humid landscape bathed by the trade winds; this is perfectly balanced by the warm dry climate of the westerly side, which appears as if by magic simply by driving through the tunnel that separates east from west.

La Palma has a surface area of 706 km² divided into 14 municipalities, with a population of about 86,000 inhabitants. The island also boasts the Caldera de Taburiente National Park along with 19 protected natural areas (35% of the total surface area). The fact that highest point - the Roque de los Muchachos - is 2,426m above sea level never ceases to amaze if we remember how small the island is; in addition, its very special natural conditions have made it one of the most important astrophysical observatories in the world.


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