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La Villa de Mazo

La Villa de Mazo is located in South West of the Island withn close proximity of the Capital – Santa Cruz de la Palma and the airport.

The house is situated in the old village of Mazo, which is a rural area of La Palma.

La Villa de Mazo has the Craftwork School for La Palma this was created in 1968. The school was established initially for local Artisans, and with the inauguration of the Craft School Mazo became the centre of Artisan for the Island. Mazo has mor Artisan than any other village in La Palma.

It is a hard task to find a person in Mazo who is not involved in Art and Handicrafts. The craftwork includes: Pottery; Ceramics; Needlework; Embroidery; Metal work etc. At the Ortega’s Family Mill in Monte Pueblo the Artisans can be seen working with the local ceramic material in the old traditional ways of working.

A market is held every weekend in the old Market (Mercadillo), there is available for purchase the Handicrafts; Locally produced Farm products and Fresh fish from the Atlantic.

The Handicrafts are also available at the Handicraft Centre wich is next to the Handicraft School.

A major industry in Mazo is Wine production with the famous Villa de Mazo wine, this is from local grapes and produced in the Mazo, the local grapes are gathered in September.

Every June Villa de Mazo celebrates Corpues Christi, with the streets decorated with murals depicting the fiesta. All the decoration is made form natural materials gathered form the outlaying country of Mazo all the murals are created by the local artisans. Mazo is a special place on the Bonita Isla of La Palma.

Interesting Places

  • Archaelogical zone and Belmaco Museum
  • Craftwork El Molino
  • School of Craftwork
  • Typical Market
  • S.A.T. Vinos el Hoyo
  • Museo Casa Roja


  • Bordados
  • Macramé
  • Ceramics
  • Wood
  • Rush
  • Cane
  • Palm and fibre objects
  • Pottery
  • Framework
  • Potter’s wheel
  • Cigars from La Palma



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(0034) 699 732 704



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